Specially designed pumps for food industry, the SOGEVAC FP is guaranteed for zero contamination on your product. It can be filled with food grade oil to ensure that your product is safe for your costumer.
Product Category : Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump

The SOGEVAC FP is available with pumping speed ranging from 10 to 280 m3xh-1 and ultimate pressure from 1.5 to 0.08 mbar. What make this pump special is it can be filled with food grade oil, zero oil leak and its high water vapor capacity.

Typical Applications including:

 Food and Packaging
   •  Bulk Packaging 
   •  Chamber Packaging 
   •  Modified Atmosphere Packaging
   •  Rollstock Packaging / Thermoforming
   •  Rotary Chamber Packaging
   •  Tray Sealers

 Food Processing
   •  Massagers / Marinaters / Tumblers
   •  Blenders / Vacuumizers / Stuffers
 Other Food Applications
   •  Bottling
   •  Kill floor / Specified Risk Material Conveying
   •  Freeze Drying
   •  Vacuum Cooling

For more detailed specifications of Oerlikon Leybold SOGEVAC PF, please feel free to Contact BUs.
We are more than pleased to discuss about your process and to provide full knowledge about what is the best for your needs.

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